First Protos 700 Flight Video

Published: April 22, 2012
MS Heli released their first flight video today of their upcoming Protos 700. The video gives us a tiny glimpse into the component layout of the airframe as well as the renewed hope of the company's FBL efforts being back on track (AKA the BRAIN)


MS Heli released a video today on their Youtube channel showing their new Protos 700 in flight. The video shows no canopy to help get the protos fans in the RC hobby industry dreaming, but it does give some clues to what the component layout will be under the hood ... if you squint.

The new heli, as expected, looks to have retained the classical protos single-belt-drive / no-meshed-gears drivetrain design, as the earlier pics indicated. The Protos 700, however, departs from the previous two models in that the motor has been inverted into a downward pointing position (á la most other 700-sized helis ) to make room for those 12S's of Lipoly to ride under the big whirling belt.

Check out the gallery on this page to get a sneek peek of the photos that we were able to capture from the video.

In other Protos 700 / MSH news, according to the video's title ("... with Brain flybarless system"), it looks like MSH have settled their flybarless controller woes. Earlier in the year they reported that there had been a split between them and their FBL programming team which had set the FBL controller ambitions back indefinitely. Apparently that has changed which is good news for those of us waiting to see what they had been planning.

Protos 700 with Brain FBL Controller