Flight Video of Nano CPx with MicroHeli Swash

Published: November 27, 2012
JJ Inverted Production have posted a video of the Blade Nano CP X with the new MicroHeli aluminum swash and antirotation guide, in flight.


The folks at JJ Inverted Production have released a video for those who have been drooling over the new MicroHeli hop-up parts for the Blade Nano CP X. The video posted today to Youtube shows the Nano outfitted with the new MicroHeli aluminum swash plate and rear anti-rotation guide.

We must say that the Nano looks awesome with these mods. Plus, in addition to looking nice, in our experience the Nano's stock swash plate has some weak points at the root of the three swash-to-servo arms that an aluminum variant would solve.

Nice job JJ Inverted Production. Thanks for sharing the video.