Fliton Premium ARF

Manufacturer: Fliton

Brand Overview

Fliton Premium ARFs (also known as just simply Fliton) is a brand of remote control airplane products that are designed and manufactured by the Fliton company of Seoul, Korea. The brand is owned and managed by Fliton.

Fliton branded products are typically sport pattern airplanes that are constructed of built-up balsa wood and plywood construction with a traditional iron-on covering. The airplane kits are delivered to the retail consumer in an ARF (almost-ready-to-fly) completion level meaning that the major airframe components like the fuselage, main wing, elevator, and rudder components are already built and up to the hobbyist to fit them to each other, completing the airframe. The Fliton kits typically specify an electric power system but can be converted to gas or glow configuration. The power system must be selected by the builder as well as the radio system.

Fliton Premium ARF kits include models of such classic stunt planes as the Extra 260 and 330, and the Edge 540. Kits also include the Rogue 3D Bipe, a 31 inch wingspan sport biplane, and a couple of "mini" designs that have wingspans around the 40 inch range.

At the time of this writing (June 2011) the two best sources for information on the Fliton Premium ARF kits are the Fliton Store (www.flitonstore.com) and Advantage Hobby (www.advantagehobby.com) who appears to be one of the only other active online dealers. Both of those websites have some level of new kits available as well as a fair amount of replacement parts for most Fliton Premium ARF kits. The company's website which is referenced in some of their product manuals, www.fliton.com, does not appear to be valid at the time of this writing.