Manufacturer: Hobbico, Inc

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Brand Overview

The Flyzone brand by Great Planes Model Distributors (Hobbico, Inc) is a line of electric remote control airplanes that are designed for the hobbyist that is looking for their next receiver ready (RX-R) or ready to fly (RTF) airplane. Their kits come preassembled, include batteries and chargers, and either have their transmitter/receiver included or require the use of a separate transmitter/receiver to complete.

The lineup of planes falls into three main brand categories:

Flyzone Micro

Micro Flyzone airplanes have wingspans under 20" (about 500mm) and are designed for the backyard. The are powered by tiny single cell lipo batteries and provide an simple, easy to use platform for learning.

Flyzone Sport

Sport Flyzone airplanes have wingspans under 50" and are designed with the convenience and capabilities of the Micro line but with the purpose of giving the pilot the experience of flying a little bit larger airplane. These aircraft are powered by 3 cell lipo batteries and consist of the very fun and versatile SkyFly Max, and the unique Flyzone Switch which can be converted from a high-wing trainer to a low-wing sport flyer.

Flyzone Select Scale

Select Scale Flyzone models each have about a 47"-58" wingspan and build on the fun and enjoyment found in the Sport Flyzone group of airplanes by adding a high degree of detail to each model. The lineup is modeled after popular civil aircraft designs such as the brand new Cessna Corvalis, the classic Piper Cub, and the renowned Cessna 182 Skylane. The select Scale line of models is about looks, power, and performance.