Four Pi

Manufacturer: Four Pi, Inc

Brand Overview

Four Pi is a brand of balsa constructed kits and ARF kits that are designed and manufactured by Four Pi, Inc of Norridge, Illinois, USA.

The brand is made up of a small collection of airplane kits, all of which are built-up balsa construction.

The bulk of the flyers fall into the flatout or profile category.  These balsa profile RC airplane kits include the P-40 Warhawk, the P-51 Mustang, and the P-47 Thunderbolt.  These classic warbird profile kits are made up of a thin profile fuselage and a wide-area wing for full 3D flight.

Also part of the brand is a flying wing called the "Skyfire".  The airplane is glow-powered and spans 36 inches.  It is 27 inches long and weighs in at 48-64 oz.

Rounding out the brands offering is the lone ARF model, the OT-40.  Being an ARF, the model comes with most components already constructed and requires only final assembly.  The kit spans 54 inches and weighs in at 3-5 pounds.  It requires the purchase of a 4-channel radio, the servos, and 2 or 4-stroke engine.

Four Pi branded kits are available on the Four Pi, Inc company website (