Fox Engines

Manufacturer: Fox Manufacturing

Brand Overview

Fox Engines are a brand of RC engines designed and developed for the RC hobby market.  The Fox Engines brand is owned and managed by Fox Manufacturing of Fort Smith, Arizona, USA.

The Fox Engines brand is composed of gasoline powered and glow powered models with applications ranging from remote control to control line airplanes.  The brand's gasoline lineup falling under the designation of Fox Gas Engines range in size from .5 cubic inches up to their 200cc (12.2 cubic inches).

Fox glow engines fall under the brand's designated Fox Model RC Engine and range in size from .15 cubic inches up to .74 cubic inches.

The engine lineup is supported with fox manufactured and branded components and parts such as fuel tanks, carburetors, mufflers, and any other accessory needed to support the line of products.

Fox Engines and all related Fox Engine parts and accessories can be purchased directly from the company's website ( as well as their network of online and local retail outlets.