Fox Manufacturing

Country: USA
Website: Fox Manufacturing Website

Company Overview

Fox Manufacturing of Fort Smith, Arizona, USA is the company behind Fox Engines.  The company has a fascinating history that dates back 1948 when its founder, Duke Fox, began producing RC hobby engines from his garage.  The company's "Our History" page is a short but entertaining read that details the company's beginnings as Duke experienced the era of World War II.

Fox Manufacturing manages the Fox Engine brand which is made up of gasoline engines and glow engines for the RC and control line hobby markets.  In addition to these core products, Fox Manufacturing also produces a full assortment of Engine accessories like fuel tanks, carburetors, mufflers, and just about every other part needed to support their products.

Fox Manufacturing designs/engineers and manufacturers all of their products solely from their headquarters in Arizona.  With a proud history and a commitment to their employees, they pride themselves in strong customer relationships.

Fox Engines and all related products can be purchased directly from the company's website ( or through the company's distributor network.