Website: Fusuno Website

Company Overview

Fusuno is a designer and manufacturer of custom canopies for Remote Control Helicopters.  Their canopies are distributed worldwide through their website, www.fusuno.com, as well as a massive dealer network with stores all over the world.

In the RC Heli marketplace the Fusuno canopy product ranks among the top couple in popularity, quality, and pricing.  Their lineup includes custom designed canopies for such brands as AHF, Align, Avant, Beam, Curtis Youngblood, E-flite, Eli.Q, Esky, Gaui, HDX, Henseleit, Hirobo, JR, JS Model, Mikado, Miniature Aircraft, MSH, Outrage RC, Shape, Synergy, Thunder Tiger, and Walkera.

In addition to providing fully completed canopy designs, they also offer unpainted RC heli canopies, RC heli canopy covers, heli blade decals, fins & frames, and tools & accessories (flybar locking tools, canopy grommets, etc).

Fusuno stays connected to their customer base through their dealer network, their website, the Twitter account, and their Facebook page.