Fusuno Canopies, New for October 2011

Published: October 21, 2011
Fusuno have released a new line of canopies for the Trex 500 Pro line of helicopters in addition to models for the Gaui X4, Synergy N5C, Voodoo 600 and others.


Fusuno have assembled a parade of new canopies in October for some of the RC helicopter industry's newest and most exciting new models. The company have produced beautiful new fiberglass airbrushed masterpieces for the likes of the Compass 7HV, the Trex 500 Pro (Trex 500e and Trex 500efl Pro), and the new Gaui X4. In addition to new coverings for these newer birds, Fusuno most recently announced additions to their Synergy N5C offerings.

In additon to the previously mentioned Fusuno products, the team have also invested significant efforts in bolstering their linup of tail blades as well as canopies for other helicopter models. Other notable canopy releases this month include the Blade 450, the Trex 450 V2 (3GX), Henseleit, Voodoo, and Logo.

Check out the new designs in the gallery on this page or on the Fusuno website.