Fusuno Releases 130X Tail Blades

Published: January 23, 2013
The Fusuno team, this month, announced the addition of upgraded tail blades for the Blade 130X helicopter from Horizon Hobby.


This month the team from Fusuno announced the addition of Blade 130X tail blades to their currently popular Fusuno main blade offerings for that helicopter. The new tail blades are made from the same material as the mains and are available in the same colors.

The eight new colors are as follows:

  • Green (FUB-NNCPX001)
  • Blue (FUB-TB130X002)
  • Yellow (FUB-TB130X003)
  • Red (FUB-TB130X004)
  • Black (FUB-TB130X005)
  • White (FUB-TB130X006)
  • Pink (FUB-TB130X007)
  • Orange (FUB-TB130X008)

The price of the new Blade 130X, Fusuno upgraded tail blades is $3.50 for each set regardless of color.