G5 Kit, CF, Flybarless, 1700Kv Motor

Street Price: $369.00
Model#: KRG5002FL-CBA
Mfgr: Outrage RC
Brand: Outrage
URL: G5 Kit, CF, Flybarless, 1700Kv Motor
Kit Type: KIT
Airframe: Pod and Boom
Rotor Class: Collective Pitch, 325-350mm
Main Rotor Dia: 775 mm (30.51")
Tail Rotor Dia: 157 mm (6.18")
Length: 620 mm (24.41")
Weight: 850 grams (29.98 oz)
Main Blades: 350mm
Power Source: electric
Power Specs: 6S1P 1300mAh LiPo
Motor Class: electric ~ 400/450
Motor Specs: 400-size, 1700 Kv Brushless Outrunner
G5 Kit, CF, Flybarless, 1700Kv Motor

Manufacturer's Description

Designed by the well-respected helicopter designer Charley Stephens, this new heli defines a new concept of low head speed, high voltage micro helicopters. With super low amp draw (average 9amp compared to 25A of other 450 size helicopters) this chopper can perform incredibly double 3D flight time compared to its rivals on a single pack of battery at unbelievable 2400rmp head speed. With programmable head and tail, this heli is so versatile it can be suitable for beginners to highest demand 3D pilots.


  • Length: 620mm
  • Height : 210mm (including head button 203mm without)
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 775mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 157mm
  • Blade Length:350mm
  • Main Gear 150T .5 mod gear
  • Auto Rotation 106T
  • Drive Gear 25T
  • Flying Weight 780-850 Grams depending on equipment used
  • Black plastic tail blade
  • Black fiberglass 350mm main blade
  • Painted fiberglass canopy
  • Carbon fiber frame and landing gear and fin set
  • Kit - Including : 1700KV Motor


  • Beautifully crafted CNC anodized parts
  • True 120 Degree CCPM Servo layout for precision control and geometry
  • Compact frame height for enhanced 3D fight characteristics
  • Large adjustable battery tray positions for various battery shapes and sizes
  • Fiberglass 350mm extremely stable blades
  • 15 Degrees +/- achievable pitch ranges
  • Programmable head - From Mild to Wild
  • Thrust bearings on main blade grips
  • One piece 3D dampers
  • Ceramic main and tail rotor shaft support bearings
  • High quality screw hardware
  • Programmable tail rotor ratios 11t included for 4.664:1, (10t Optional for 4.24:1), (12t Optional for 5.088 :1)
  • Ball raced double pivot tail control system
  • High quality tail rotor drive belt
  • Fiberglass painted canopy
  • Parts compatibility with other brand helicopters for most crashes.