Gens ACE RC Battery

Country: China
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Store Description

The Gens ACE RC Battery store is an online web shop that is dedicated to the display and sale of the Gens ACE brand of batteries for the RC hobby market.

The store features a full line-up of the brand's products which includes LiPO batteries, NiMh batteries, LiFe batteries.  The RC batteries are organized neatly by battery type, battery purpose, and battery discharge ratings.

Additionally the store includes helpful tools and information to help the RC shopper find what they are looking for.  The battery finder feature allows shoppers to quickly narrow their search and the site's small Tips and FAQ section contains a handy article on the use and care of LiPo batteries.

The site as well as the Gens ACE brand are owned and managed by Acepow Electronics Co. Ltd of China.

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