Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co., Ltd.

Country: Taiwan
Website: Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co., Ltd. Website

Company Overview

Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co., Ltd. (a.k.a. - GWS, G.W.S., Grand Wing System, Grand Wing Servo) is a designer and manufacturer of remote control airplane, helicopter, power system, and radio equipment for the RC hobby industry. The company is based in Shijr City, Taipei in Taiwan and has been producing RC products since 1993.

Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co offers their line of products to the RC market under one main brand, GWS. The product line consists of a substantial offering of RC aircraft that fall under the Electric, 3D, Slope Glider, Electric Ducted Fans (EDF), Disc Mould, and Internal Combustion Engine Powered.  They also have substantial product offerings in the area of power system components such as electronic speed controllers and brushed and brushless electric motors.

In addition, Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co also have a line substantial line of GWS servo products.  They round out their product offering with a few radio products like a 2.4GHz transmitter and a hand-full of receivers as well as a single RC helicopter model, the DragonFly.  They support the products in their GWS brand with a full line of replacement parts and components.

Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co., Ltd. has a large network of distributors that market and ship the company's products. GWS products are available for retail purchase through online and local hobby shops around the world.