rc i.c. engine
GT55 Gas Engine
Manufacturer: Hobbico, Inc
Brand: OS Engines

Manufacturer's Description

Introducing the first O.S. gas engine—designed especially for R/C!

It's similar in appearance to other O.S. 2-cycle engines, with a large number of extra-deep and -thin cooling fins on the crankcase and head. A unique 1-piece crankcase design eliminates gaskets and enhances strength and precision.

A unique front-mounted carb, however, provides several performance benefits.

  • Better carburetor cooling, for more consistent engine runs and high performance.
  • Requires shorter standoffs, which results in more secure installation (mounting) and less vibration overall.
  • Very simple, direct installation of the throttle and choke linkages.

Another major performance benefit is the IG-01 Capacitive Discharge Ignition. Developed from proprietary O.S. technology, it uses a microcomputer programmed for optimum spark advance. Magnetic sensors on the crankcase and prop drive detect ignition timing. The IG-01 also detects and compensates for wet plugs, ensuring quick starts. Designed to accept a wide range of input voltages, the IG-01 requires minimal current in standby mode and features a low-voltage warning (intermittent engine operation).

Other benefits include:

  • No oil seal is required, eliminating rpm lost due to additional friction.