Brand Overview

GWS is a brand of remote control airplane, helicopter, power system, and radio equipment that is designed and marketed to the RC hobby marketplace. The brand is owned and managed by Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co., Ltd. of Shijr City, Taipei in Taiwan.

As the name implies (GWS ~ "S" for Servo), the brand contains a fairly robust listing of servo products including Digitals, Sub-micro, Micro, Mini, Low Profile, Standard, Heavy Duty, Sail Winch, and others.

The other large category of products within the GWS brand is the RC airplane category. The brand has offerings in the Electric, 3D, Slope Glider, Electric Ducted Fans (EDF), Disc Mould, and Internal Combustion Engine Powered categories. Most of the GWS airplane products are constructed, with a few exceptions, of molded foam. They are typically electric powered with either NiMH or LiPo batteries but also offer a few products that are gas/glow powered.  GWS airplane models range from replicas of today's modern fighter jets like the A-10 Thunderbolt, the B-2 Spirit, and F-15 Eagle to models of profile-style foamy aircraft, and slow flying Stick type aircraft.

The GWS brand has a single RC helicopter model, the DragonFly, which is an electric, 300-sized, fixed pitch, pod-and-boom design with an electric motor-driven tail. The design is very similar to that of the E-flite Blade CP (CP, CP Pro, CP Pro 2) series of helicopters using a similar head design and nearly identical landing gear and tail boom configuration.

The brand has its own line of electric motors which consists of brushless outrunners, brushless innrunners, brushed DC, motor mounts, and other accessories. Rounding out the power system compartment, GWS also markets their own brand of electronic speed controllers.

In addition to the above mentioned products the GWS brand also contains a few product entries in the receiver and transmitter categories.

Grand Wing Servo-Tech distributes their GWS product line through their established network of distributors in various countries. The products are available for retail purchase through online and local hobby shops around the world.