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HeliTuning.com is a blog on the topic of fine-tuning collective pitch remote control helicopters.  Written by two sponsored pilots, it focuses on the higher-end of the RC heli hobby.  It offers explanations, tips, and tuning tricks for 3D or sport pilots from the beginner to the pro.

Excerpt from the Blog's "about us" page:

HeliTuning.com is run by just two people: Ashley Davis & Rob Turnbull.

We are both sponsored 3D pilots who fly both nationally and internationally.

Rob is sponsored by Midland Helicopters, Optifuel, Torsion Blades and CSM.
Ash is sponsored by Optifuel, YuYuDesign Blades & CSM

Collectively Rob & Ash have over 25 years of experience with RC Helicopters.

Our passion is the RC Helicopter hobby and we both enjoy writing and producing technical information for the benefit of the hobby as a whole. This is why HeliTuning.com exists and we hope that our input into the site helps others to join and stay in this wonderful hobby.

We can be contacted through ash@helituning.com and rob@helituning.com

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