Country: USA
URL: helifreak.com


When it comes to web forums for the RC heli enthusiast, not many compare to HeliFreak.com.  The forum is dedicated primarily, as the name implies, to RC helicopters.  There are a few islands of information within the forum that are dedicated to other areas of the RC hobby like RC Airplanes and RC Cars and Trucks; but, other than that it is a helicopter forum.
As it relates to Helicopters, HeliFreak.com does an excellent job of laying out their information within their forum structure.  Readers an forum members can easily find information on anything from airbrushing helicopter canopies to electronics support to information specific to almost every type of RC heli on the market today.
The layout and structure of the main forum topics are where HeliFreak.com really shines.  The content, particularly the "R/C Helicopter Support" and "R/C Electronics Support" sections each consist of a substantial list of sub-sections that are dedicated to product specific content.  Instead opening the system up for a free-for-all discussion under a broad topic like "mini helicopters", HeliFreak.com segments everything out for the forum user making it much easier to find your way to the hot topics that are currently being discussed about your specific model of heli.
All in all, HeliFreak.com is an amazing resource for the RC heli pilot who is looking to supplement their RC hobby friendships and network as well as learn and grow in the hobby.

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