Henseleit Helicopters

Country: Germany
Website: Henseleit Helicopters Website

Company Overview

Henseleit Helicopters is a German based company that is founded and operated by Jan Henseleit. The company has been designing and manufacturing remote control electric helicopters for some time but has recently experienced a large growth in popularity as a result of its Three Dee RIGID (TDR) heli kit.

The TDR is a 700-class LiPo-powered electric RC helicopter that boasts a significant amount of innovations which make it unique in the industry. The two stage drive train, the minimalistic parts count, and the futuristic looks are all attractive and intriguing to RC helicopter enthusiasts.

The company does not consist of more than a handfull of employees who support their made-to-order, boutique-type helicopter assembly operation. Orders for the current model Henseleit TDR kits are placed through email with about an eight month wait for delivery. In support of existing customers, Henseleit utilizes a web-based store for the ordering of replacement parts.

For more information on Henseleit Helicopters visit their website and web store listed above.