Herr Engineering

Brand Overview

Herr Engineering is a brand of model airplane kit products that are designed and built for the free-flight and remote control hobby markets.  The brand is currently owned and managed by SIG Manufacturing Company of Montezuma, Iowa, USA.  The line of products was acquired by SIG Manufacturing in 2001.

The Herr Engineering brand of products includes trainer kits such as the Herr Air Boss and Herr Cloud Ranger, sport model kits such as the Herr Starlite and Herr Mini-Sport, and scale model kits like the Herr Piper J-3 Cub, the Herr Piper Cherokee, the Herr 1/2A P-51 Mustang and others.  

Herr Engineering kits generally consist of balsa wood construction with an assortment of plastic injection molded plastic parts and metal parts.  The kits are generally intended for glow power internal combustion engines.

Herr Engineering products can be found at online and walk-in retail outlets that carry SIG Manufacturing products around the world.