HexTronik Limited

Country: Hong Kong
Website: HexTronik Limited Website

Company Overview

HexTronik Limited is a Hong Kong based manufacturer and distributor of remote control hobby products including RC airplanes, RC helicopters, RC cars & trucks, RC boats, and RC accessories.  The company is the formal owner of the HobbyKing.com (a.k.a HobbyCity.com) brand of RC products and online store.
HexTronik Limited currently (as of June 2011) operates five warehouse locations throughout the world including the countries of Hong Kong, China, Germany, Australia and the USA. Plans to expand the company's warehouse operations into Canada and Brazil are scheduled to be complete in late 2011 with facilities in those countries coming online at that time.  The company employes more than 200 staff who are primarily tasked with producing RC products, processing HobbyKing.com store orders, and in general support of the HobbyKing.com retail operation.
The HexTronik Limited HobbyKing online store and distribution system utilizes real-time stock management, live picking, RFID and barcode warehousing, postal tracking systems and real time stock, payment and order tracking. The system gives HobbyKing store customers the ability to view the status of their account, check stock information, modify orders, and check parcel delivery status anytime, day or night.
In addition to the HobbyKing.com brand, HexTronik Limited also owns and manages the Turnigy brand of electric RC power systems which includes LiPo batteries, electric motors, electronic speed controllers, and more. The company also owns and manages the Durafly brand which is made up of a small line of electrically powered, molded foam constructed RC airplane kits.
Products that are designed, manufactured, and/or distributed by HexTronik Limited are available for retail sale from the company's online store, HobbyKing.com.