Hobby Lobby International, Inc

Company Overview

Hobby Lobby International (AKA: Hobby Lobby, HLI, and Hobby-Lobby) is a manufacturer, distributor, and online retail store that is dedicated to the products and the consumers of the remote control hobby market.  The company is located in Brentwood, Tennessee in the USA.

From their Tennessee location, Hobby Lobby International manages a nice collection of company brands and distributes for another nice selection of brands which includes Alfa Model, Pilot-1, Aero Craft, eRC, and their self-named Hobby Lobby International (HLI).  In addition to distributing their own products, Hobby Lobby also retails the Horizon Hobby line of products (E-flite, ParkZone, Blade, Hangar 9, and others), a contingent of offerings from Kyosho, a segment of Traxxas products and others.

In addition to the final kit products of cars, boats, airplanes, and helis, Hobby Lobby also carries many of the replacement parts and supporting accessories such as chargers, batteries, motors, speed controllers, transmitters, receivers, servos, and the list goes on.  Additionally, Hobby Lobby stocks and distributes an abundant variety of RC tools and materials commonly in demand by the RC modeler including carbon fiber stock (tube, rod, and strips), wood (balsa and hardwood), hobby glues and adhesives, covering materials, hand tools, clamps, hardware, and just about anything else the RC enthusiast can imagine or want.

Hobby Lobby International offers fast and inexpensive shipping options for customers in the US and also ships internationally to countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and UK to name a few.  Hobby Lobby products can be purchased directly from the company website or through their extensive list of online and local hobby shops around the US and the world.