HobbyKing P-51D Old Crow 1206mm Balsa

Brand: HobbyKing
Manufacturer: HexTronik Limited

HobbyKing P-51D Old Crow 1206mm Balsa on YouTube

  • Aug 25, 2011
    P-51 mustang Old Crow RC scale 1206 mm

Manufacturer's Overview

This is a superbly crafted ARF kit that is just oozes quality, the supplied metal retracts, genuine Oracover covering, high quality hardware, ply/composite motor mount confirm the initial impression, this is a genuinly nice ARF by anybodys standard.

Unlike its sister Spitfire, this P-51 is not intended for glow motors, purely electric flight, hence no fuel tank/motor mount is supplied, however, it could easily be converted to take a 0.25 glow motor.

This is a class of model that still very much has its place, with a 1pc removable wing, this P-51 is a handy size for transportation and "0.25" class models always seem to fly so well, as well as somehow always looking bigger in the air than they really are, fun & cheap to build, its no wonder this class of model never seems to go out of fashion, if you have never tried this class before, you could do a lot worse than this superb little Mustang!

Manufacturer's Specs

  • Wingspan: 1206mm
  • Length: 1052mm
  • Flying Weight: 1.2kg~1.4kg
  • Wing Area: 25.6dm2
  • 5 Channel (throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder, retracting under-carriage)

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