House of Balsa

Manufacturer: House of Balsa, Inc.

Brand Overview

House of Balsa (a.k.a HOB, H.O.B.) is a brand of remote control airplanes that are designed, manufactured, and marketed by House of Balsa, Inc. of Adelanto, California in the USA. Dating back to 1971, House of Balsa is one of the older brands in the RC hobby marketplace.

All of the brand's RC plane products, as one would infer from the name, are made of balsa and plywood construction. Each kit includes CAD plans and a box of parts that must be completely assembled by the builder.  Typically included in the box are laser cut balsa airframe structural components, mounting/assembly hardware, and coverings/decals. Once assembled, though, each kit requires the builder to select and install the power system as well as the radio equipment.  Appropriately sized power and radio components are specified in the designs.

House of Balsa kits come in a variety of designs which include scale models of general aviation aircraft of the world as well as a handful of warbirds, typically from World War II.  GA aircraft models include classic names such as the Chipmunk, the Bonanza (v-tail, of course), J-3 Cub, Super Decathlon, and others including their very first model, the Electric Nomad.

Military House of Balsa airplane kits include the popular P-51D Mustang, the Messerschmitt ME-109, PT-19, T-6 Texan, P-47 Thunderbolt, as well as others.

The product lineup also includes several glider kits including a 2-foot sail plane, a 4-foot sale plane, and an aerobatic slope trainer called "Over the Edge".  

The House of Balsa kits are typically under $100 with a few exceptions that are priced above that. They are sold to the retail hobbyist directly from the House of Balsa Inc. company website,