HPI Racing Savage XL Octane

Brand: HPI Racing
Manufacturer: HPI - Hobby Products International

HPI Racing Savage XL Octane on YouTube

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HPI Announced today that they have a new member of their HPI Savage family of 4x4 monster trucks ... The Savage XL Octane. The new truck is scheduled to be released in early Spring 2013.

Here is the company's news release as it was posted on their Facebook page:

The HPI Savage is an Award-Winning series of 4x4 monster trucks that continue to push the limits with performance, reliability and ease of use. Now with the release of the new Savage XL Octane, that level of excellence has been raised to new heights. Fans are now treated to a newly updated design of the legendary Savage platform with an awesome gasoline engine that will surprise even the most experienced drivers. The new Savage XL Octane has a host of features that throw the rulebook out and all in a great Ready-To-Run package. This revolutionary new engine will give you more torque plus longer run time. Combined with the host of new updated performance parts to the legendary Savage platform, the Savage XL Octane will leave all other competitors in the dust!

For more information, check out this link: hpiracing.com/news/2012121101