Jet Central USA

Country: USA
Website: Jet Central USA Website

Company Overview

Jet Central USA is the US-based designer and manufacturer of Jet Central turbine engines for the RC hobby industry.  Jet Central USA has been manufacturing RC jet turbines since the late 1990's and today operates out of their North Port, Florida location.

The company's mission is: "Is to supply state-of-the art miniature jet engines for the hobby market and professional applications."

Jet Central Turbines range in size from 15.5 pounds of thrust up to 48 pounds of thrust as well as one turboprop model.  The turbines are all powered by either Jet A1 or 1-K Kerosene fuel.

Jet Central uses high precision CNC machining and computerized balancing allowing them to produce highly reliable engines with long lifespans.  The turbine wheels and EGVs are cast by a subcontractor that also provides turbine components to full size turbine manufacturers.

Jet Central USA's RC turbine power plants are distributed through the company's world-wide network of wholesale and retail distributors.