JR XG14 and JR XG14E Announced

Published: July 16, 2013
The JR XG14 and the XG14E are new transmitter products announced by JR Propo today. The XG14 is a traditional radio configuration while the XG14E is a tray-type.


JR Propo have announced the expansion of their 2.4GHz trasmitter family with the new JR XG14 and the XG14E. The new transmitters, as their names imply, are 14 channel variants. The XG14 is a traditional TX while its "E" counterpart is a tray-radio.

Here is the official marketing video:

Here is what the description on the Youtube video had to say about the new products:

Using the XG11's advanced program in the XG8's ergonomic body.
Furthermore the XG14 employs the DSX-12's premium grade gimbals with CNC machined aluminium bases for a first-class smoothness of stick control.
The XG14 is a middle to high class RC set with pro class quality and features.
Then, introducing the XG14E, the first tray-type transmitter in the XG series, the compilation of JR technology.