KBDD Announces New Version of Their mCPX Blades

Published: October 26, 2012
KBDD Announced today that they have created a second version of their Blade mCPX aftermarket blades.


In an announcement on the company's Facebook page this afternoon, KBDD International announced the addition of a new version of blades for the Blade mCPX tiny electric helicopter. The new blades are slightly longer and have a much less tapered root-to-tip configuration than do the original KBDD mCPX blades. Here is the press release in its original form:

KBDD International is proud to announce our latest product development. The 'Pilots Choice' blades are now available and you should start seeing them soon in your local retailer. They are designed to fit the MCPX helicopters. They are a quicker, lighter and more agile blade than our standard MCPX blade. Because of their quickness and agility, these blades are recommended for the more experienced pilots. The new 'Pilots Choice' blades are available in Pure White, Neon Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Orange, Pearl Blue and of course the ever popular Hot Pink.

For more information on the whole range of KBDD products, visit their website at www.kbddintl.com.