KBDD, Blade Nano CPX Blades Available January 17th

Published: November 30, 2012
KBDD announced today that their new Blade Nano CPX main blade product will be available around January 17th. The Pure White color will be the first blades to be released with other colors to follow.


KBDD announced this morning that their new main blade sets for Horizon Hobby's Blade Nano CPX will be ready on January 17th. On that day only the white set will be available with the other standard KBDD main blade colors to follow.

Here is the statement from KBDD:

We are very close to releasing our main blades for the Blade Nano CP. Final adjustments are currently being made to increase the performance. Expected release date for the Pure White is January 17th!

The statement comes a few days after Lynx Heli Innovations were first to market with several sets of upgrade main blades for the Nano CPX. KBDD were the first to make aftermarket blades for the Nano's slightly larget sibling, the MCPX, though, and earned an excellent reputation among MCPX owners for that product.

So, good things are coming from KBDD, International if you're a Blade Nano owner. You might want to hold off on purchasing that extra set of stock blades so you can try the KBDD's, now just a few weeks away.