KBDD mCP X Blade Prices Announced

Published: June 20, 2011
Prices and release date announced for aftermarket, hop up main blades for the Blade mCP X RC heli. KBDD is the first manufacturer to come to market with a choice other than stock blades for the mCPx.


Over the weekend KBDD Intl. of Columbus, Ohio, US made big news in the mCPx community with their release of a sneak peek video of their new Blade mCP X blades. The video shows some good views of the new blades as well as the mCPx being put through its 3D paces with the new KBDD blades. It even shows the heli being smacked into a concrete wall to show the resilience of the new blades. 

From its first announcement to the RC hobby community, the Blade mCP X has been full of surprises, the biggest of which was the news that it was flybarless. At first glance of the video, KBDD appeared to have continued in the tradition of marketing surprises by possibly developing a set of their blades with LED lights embedded in them; however, this is not the case. The version with the lights in the video is just a concept and not scheduled for production. 

In addition to the video, KBDD also revealed pricing and release date of their new blades. The new blades will be moulded in white plastic, will retail for $9.50 per set, and will be released to dealers on June 30, 2011. Any dealer that sells KBDD products will be able to carry these, as well.

If you want a set of these for your mCPx and cannot find a dealer, post a message on either of the following two HeliFreak.com threads and someone should be able to direct you to the nearest dealer who has them in stock.