KBDD mCPx Main Blades Almost Ready

Published: June 10, 2011
Blade mCP X main rotor blades being developed by KBDD International are nearing production. Production ready designs are currently being tested.


KBDD International of Columbus, Ohio, USA now have their production Blade mCPx aftermarket blade design narrowed down and in flight testing.  The design has been in concept and testing since April of 2011 but there is no word as of yet on a retail sale date.

The KBDD version of the Blade mCP X main rotor blades will have an airfoil design and will give the mCPx pilot as good or better performance than the stock mCPx blades particularly in the area of increasing stiffness without adding weight.  The blades will be more durable than the stock variants which tend to be more brittle than most pilots prefer.  Additionally, the new mCPx aftermarket blades will fold all of the way back in the blade grips allowing the heli to us a tail boom mounted blade holder for transport.

To date, the blades have been tested with stock mCP X tail boom configurations as well as extended tail boom configurations with no perceivable difference in flight performance.

Target pricing for the new mCPx blades is still around $10 a pair but official pricing has not been finalized or released by KBDD.

In addition to the new main rotor blades for the mCPx, KBDD International also have their sights set on the design and development of a new tail rotor.  The new mCP X tail rotor design will follow the production of the main rotor blades and will be designed as a replacement for the Blade mCP X, the Blade mSR, the Trex 100 and the Trex 100 3G.