Lee Ulinger Models

Manufacturer: Lee Ulinger Aircraft

Brand Overview

The Lee Ulinger Models brand (aka: LUM) is a line of RC airplane products that is designed and produced by Lee Ulinger Aircraft company (AKA: Lee Ulinger Models) of Goodyear, Arizona in the USA.

The brand consists of a nice array of profile (flatout) foamy flyers that all have wing spans in the 38-39 inch range.  Each model is completed to the ARF (almost ready to fly) level and comes complete with the manufacturer's recommendation for the purchase and addition of a power system and radio gear.

The Lee Ulinger Models kits are all constructed from 6mm Depron sheet and are all profile designs.  They are large enough (and intended) to be flown outdoors with the goal being to give RC pilots a platform with which to get a lot of stick time for practicing and improving their 3D and aerobatic flight skills.

More information about these quality Depron foamy kits can be found on the company website (www.leeulingermodels.com).  Lee Ulinger Models brand is distributed through the company's network of online and walk-in hobby shops around the US and the world.