Logo 480 Xxtreme First Look Video

Published: December 16, 2013
New first-look video of the Logo 480 Xxtreme - The latest creation from Mikado which features their Xxtreme line of helis in a 500-sized electric.


Mikado has just produced a video featuring their new Logo 480 Xxtreme. The 500-sized electric was recently announced and this video provides a great first look at the new machine.

Introduced by Kyle Dahl, a member of Team Mikado, the video features an overview of the mechanics offering close-up pictures of each part of the airframe. Then as you would expect/hope, it also features some flying scenes complete with the sounds of the new heli (as opposed to being covered up by music that has been edited into the video).

Here is the setup of the Logo 480 in the video:

  • Mikado Logo 480
  • Mini Vbar
  • Scorpion 4015-1070Kv
  • YGE 90LV
  • Gens Ace 6s 3700mAh
  • JR ELS01 Cyclic Servos
  • JR ELG01 Tail Servo
  • Edge 473 Main Blades
  • Edge 72 Tail Blades