Lynx Heli Begin Posting Blade Nano CPx Upgrades

Published: November 27, 2012
The team at Lynx Heli have posted their upgrades for the Blade Nano CPx and as expected, they consist of a range of new colored blades for the micro electric.


The team at Lynx Heli Innovations, today, began posting aftermarket Blade Nano CPx parts. As expected, the Lynx Heli contingent of new parts are starting off with a fresh round of colored blades for the Nano. The company became popular in the Blade MCP X community with their low-cost, highly durable blades for that tiny electric machine.

Continuing that product line-up into the Blade Nano hop-up market, the team at Lynx have produced four new sets of alternative Nano blades in four different colors: black, orange, green, and yellow. Based on our screen color settings it looks like the yellow ones are a pretty good match for the stock yellow Nano CP X canopy, too.

The price for each of the four of the sets is $5.99 and can be purchased directly from the Lynx Heli website.