Lynx Heli Blade 300x and Blade 130X Replacement Blades

Published: November 28, 2012
Lynx Heli announced this week that they now have available upgraded main and tail blades for the Blade 130x as well as new tail blade options for the Blade 300x.


In addition to the new Blade Nano CPx blades that we told you about earlier, Lynx Heli have also introduced a line of tail blades for the Blade 300x as well as tail blades and main blades for the Blade 130x.

In both cases the new blades come in four colors: orange, green, black, and yellow. The blades, both main and tail variants, are all made of plastic with the goal of being a less costly, more durable alternative to the ones that come stock on both helicopters. Additionally, and being considered upgrade products, they should perform better, but that will be up to the pilots that try them out.

For the whole line-up of Lynx Heli products including the new blades for these two helis, check out their website at