Lynx Heli Hints at Blade Nano CPX Aftermarket Parts

Published: November 16, 2012
Lynx Heli Innovations have posted a blank page on their store entitled Upgrades - Nano CPX. Obviously they intend to enter the Blade Nano CPX Aftermarket Parts market but where will they start?


Lynx Heli Innovations appear to be on their way into the Blade Nano CPX aftermarket parts market. No products have yet been released by the team; however, a look at their website shows that they have already made room for the new Nano CPX items, whenever they get here.

For the the Blade Nano's slightly larger sibling the Blade mCPX, Links Heli makes a line up of aftermarket blades which sell for about half the price of the stock ones and are often found to be more durable. So, we would expect to see their product offering for Nano start there, but what really happens in the upcoming weeks is anyones guess.

The market is ripe for Blade Nano CPX aftermarket parts and we can't wait to see what Lynx come up with.

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