Lynx Heli: New Blade 130X Parts for Jan 24

Published: January 24, 2013
Linx Heli, today, announced the addition of five new upgrade parts for the Blade 130X - one-way hub, main shaft, canopy pins, and motor mount stiffener.


The Lynx Heli Innovations team announced today the addition of five new parts to their Blade 130X upgrade product list. The new parts include a One-way Hub Assembly (with an upgraded Titanium Main Shaft and upgraded Main Gear), an aluminum Canopy Pin Set, and a carbon fiber Motor Stiffener kit.

The new part numbers are as follows:

  • LX0433 - 130 X - CF Motor Mount Stiffener ($4.75)
  • LX0390 - 130 X - Canopy Pin - Silver ($7.95)
  • LX0395 - 130 X - One Way System - Titanium Main Shaft - Spare Set ($15.65)
  • LX0317 - 130 X - One Way Hub Assembly - Complete Set ($37.65)
  • LX0396 - 130 X - One Way System - Main Gear - Spare Set ($12.35)
Lynx autorotation system has Aluminum Hub, Reinforced CNC Main Gear and Titanium Main Shaft. Smooth power transmission and Heavy Duty specification will support your 130X Overpowered need to next level.