Matt Botos

Country: USA


From his website:

Hello and thanks for stopping by my website! I have been involved in the R/C world for 24 years now with the last 10 years being heavily focused on R/C Helicopters. I started like most other 13 year old kids do with R/C cars and trucks. My father would drop me off at the race track on a Saturday morning and I would spend the entire day at the track racing.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I found a love for R/C airplanes when my father and I purchased a GreatPlanes PT40 trainer from the local hobby shop. I was lucky enough to have a park across the street from me that was large enough to fly a model airplane. My father used to gauge whether I was still alive or not by the sound of my model airplane tearing up the sky. During high school and college I took a break from my R/C passion to pursue a love for Track & Field, specifically the Pole Vault and Decathlon.

My passion for Track & Field earned me a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati where I studied Electrical Engineering, Criminal Law, and minored in Psychology. I know…what a spectrum of studies!

After college I pursued a career in Information Technology with Mindspring/Earthlink; during those years I pick the transmitter back up and rediscovered my childhood passion for model aircraft.

Around the beginning of 2000, I joined an R/C club in Atlanta, Georgia called Cobb County Radio Control. I spent every weekend and available evening at the club flying gallon after gallon on my R/C Helicopters. Eventually all of the flying paid off and I started competing in 2004 at the Extreme Flight Championships. In July of 2007 I started my job with Synergy R/C Helicopters as their primary helicopter designer, soon after in October of 2007 I left my job of 10 years as an IT Manager/Developer to work full time for Synergy R/C.

I’ve placed everywhere from 14th to 4th in the Extreme Flight Championships. I am continually on the road or in an airplane flying across the country and world to places as far a Chile, Hong Kong, and the UK performing demonstrations and giving helicopter instruction to students.I want to thank all of my sponsors, my fiance, and family for helping make me a success in this wonderful hobby.

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