mCPx Landing Gear by KBDD

Published: April 6, 2012
A video has surfaced today on Youtube that showcases a set of KBDD-branded landing gear intended for the Blade mCPx. Apparently the Columbus, Ohio based RC heli aftermarket manufacturer intends to bring to market another upgrade for the mCPX.


In a video released under the account "JJInvertedProduction" on Youtube, today, was a 2.5 minute piece showing white KBDD-branded landing gear for Blade's popular mCPx micro helicopter.

The video basically consists of a large range of close-up shots of all angles of the proposed new product compared to the factory version that it is intended to replace. The shots start with the landing gear by themselves and then progress to video of them being mounted on the mCPX airframe.

Unfortunately the production seems to be only a product teaser and no information has yet surfaced as to delivery times of the new product.

The addition of upgrade mCPx landing skids would add to KBDD's already existing line of mCPx main blades and tail blades.