Micro-T Forum

Country: USA
URL: www.microtforum.com/forum


The Micro-T Forum is a forum based completely on micro-rc trucks and cars ... specifically those made by Team Losi.

Though the term micro typically implies 1:24 scale and 1:36 scale cars and trucks (in Losi branding speak), the forum does venture out a bit into the slightly larger "mini" variants of the 1:18 and 1:14 scale varieties. The forum is a great source for information on just about anything regarding the tiny Losi vehicles including basic how-to's, to extreme modding, to a buying/selling Micro marketplace.

Micro might be the name but make no mistake about it, if you're looking to connect in a big way on the subject of these tiny RC vehicles, the Micro-T Forum is one to put on your reading list.