Manufacturer: Microheli Co., Ltd.

Brand Overview

Microheli is a brand of aftermarket RC helicopter parts as well as an OEM branded RC helicopter kit. The brand is owned and managed by Microheli Co., Ltd, a Canadian company with manufacturing, development, and distribution resources located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The Microheli brand consists primarily of hop up, aftermarket parts for many of the popular helicopter kits in the RC heli marketplace. Nearly all of the brand's upgrade heli part offerings are constructed of either CNC aluminum, carbon fiber, or both. The aftermarket parts are improvements of similarly designed OEM parts and generally give the RC hobbyist greater flight time, greater durability, or overall more precise performance of their helicopter kit. The ideas for the upgrade aftermarket products come from the experience that the company has gained in the market as well as valuable requests placed by customers.

Microheli brand currently contains a massive list upgrade components for the following partial list of OEM RC heli manufacturers and brands:

  • Align (Trex)
  • Curtis Youngblood Enterprises (Rave)
  • E-flite/Blade
  • Esky
  • Heli-Max
  • Hirobo
  • Gaui (Hurricane)
  • JR Vibe
  • Miniature Aircraft USA Furion
  • Mikado Logo
  • Protech
  • Venom
  • Walkera

In addition to the aftermarket parts, the Microheli brand also contains one OEM helicopter kit of its own: the Vortex 200 Pro. This little heli is a 200-size (uses 200mm main blades), electric micro helicopter that has an all aluminum and carbon fiber design. The Vortex 200 PRO is designed with 120 degree E-CCPM control system and is intended for outdoor use.

Microheli branded parts are available through the company's large network of worldwide retail distributors consisting of online and local hobby shops. The parts are also available for direct retail purchase from the company's web-based store: www.microheli.com.