Microheli Co., Ltd.

Country: Vietnam
Website: Microheli Co., Ltd. Website

Company Overview

Microheli Co., Ltd. (a.k.a. NEXRC Model Products, Inc. of Canada) is a designer, OEM manufacturer, aftermarket manufacturer, and distributor of RC helicopter kits and parts for the remote control hobby industry. The company has headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and conducts all manufacturing and distribution operations from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The company produces products under their own brand but also produces products for brands owned and managed by other companies in the RC hobby marketplace.

Microheli Co Ltd markets their own products under their single brand name, Microheli. The brand contains one single RC helicopter kit, the Vortex 200 PRO, which is an electric, 200-class model. Otherwise, the rest of the products within the Microheli brand consist of aftermarket, hop-up parts for most major brands of remote control helicopters. Some of the brands supported from an aftermarket capacity include: Align, Blade (E-flite), Century, Esky, Heli-max, Hirobo, Gaui, JR, Miniature Aircraft USA, Mikado, MS, Protech, Venom, and Walkera.

The line-up of upgrade helicopter parts produced by Microheli Co Ltd consists mainly of carbon fiber and/or CNC aluminum machined parts that are designed as direct replacements for parts on the original helicopter kits. Being upgrade parts, the Microheli variations of the components typically offer increased performance and/or durability over the stock OEM components.

Microheli Co., Ltd sells their RC heli upgrade parts directly to the retail shopper over their website, www.microheli.com. Additionally, the company's products can also be purchased from a large network of online and local hobby shops around the world.