MicroHeli: New Blade Nano CPX Parts

Published: November 16, 2012
MicroHeli aftermarket parts list expands drastically over the past two weeks to include Aluminum Swash and some bling.


MicroHeli, this week, expanded their offering of aftermarket Blade Nano CPX parts to a total of 9. The team started off with just a couple aluminum tail motor holders a few weeks back but began to finally fill out their Nano product offering more aggressively in the past couple of days.

Now being offered are:

  • Nano CPX Aluminum swash (two colors: red and aluminum)
    • Aluminum Swash [ MH-NCPX012 ]
    • Aluminum Swash with Guide [ MH-NCPX012X ]
    • Red Al Swash [ MH-NCPX112 ]
    • Red Al Swash with Guide [ MH-NCPX112X ]
  • Derlin tail motor end cap end [ MH-NCPX025CE ]
  • Carbon Fiber vertical fin [ MH-NCPX064VF ]
  • 160mAh 1s 3.7V lipo [ MH-1601S25 ]

As is always the case with MicroHeli and their passion for tiny electric helicopters (E-flite/Blade ones in particular), look for their product list for the Blade Nano CPX to expand extensively.

Visit MicroHeli.com for their full list.