MicroHeli Releases Nano CPx Main Blades

Published: December 18, 2012
The folks at MicroHeli continue to bolster their line-up of aftermarket upgrade parts of the Blade Nano CPx with their latest release of plastic main blades.


MicroHeli recently added plastic main blades to their growing line-up of hop-up parts for the Blade Nano CPx. The latest addition to their line of nCPx upgrades consist of five versions of the new blades which are different only in color. The 85mm plastics come in black, green, orange, white, and yellow. They also feature a slight taper similar to that typically found on many aftermarket blades for the Nano's larger sibling, the MCPx.

Pricing for the new Nano blades is $5.99 and they are available immediately on the MicroHeli.com website. If you want to avoid the long overseas shipping times you can also look for them to show up soon in many online and local US hobby shops.