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Brand Overview

The Mikado Logo brand of remote control helicopters fills the "500", "600", and "700" classes of electric rc helis with the following machines:

  • Logo 400 (a 500-class electric heli)
  • Logo 500 (a 600-class electric heli)
  • Logo 600 (a 700-class electric heli)

Unlike the industry norm for classifying electric helicopters by motor size, the Mikado Logo line of helis is classified by blade length in millimeters.

The Mikado Logo 400 helicopter is designated as a 400 because it uses 425mm to 450mm blades. The Mikado Logo 500 helicopter receives its 500 designation because it uses blades in the 500mm range (550mm to 620mm). Like its smaller siblings, the Mikado Logo 600 receives its designation because it uses blades in the 600mm length range (600mm to 690mm).

Within the industry the Mikado Logo brand of electric helicopters is recognized widely as being crafted the absolute finest quality with regard to kit assembly and fit/finish of the parts. Likewise they are also widely regarded as being the among the top in flying quality.

The kits are distributed to the US market through one single source, ReadyHeli.com. In Europe they are distributed by Mikado themselves via the shop.mikado-heli.de website.