Millennium RC

Manufacturer: Millennium RC Co

Brand Overview

Millennium RC is a brand of RC airplane kits that is designed and marketed to the RC hobby industry by Millennium RC of Orlando, Florida, USA.

The brand consists of two categories of built-up balsa airplane kits: the standard sized Millennium RC airplanes and the micro-sized airplanes.  The standard sized contingent includes the Slow Stick X, the X-Trainer, and the SSX Biplane.  All three are excellent, classic-style designs that fall into the 42" wing span range.  

The Millennium RC micro lineup consists of smaller variations of the larger two airplanes, the MicroSSX and the MicroSSX Biplane, with the addition of a Micro 3DX, a low-wing sportster.  These planes are about half of the size of their larger siblings with all having wing spans around 22".

Power packs and coverings can be purchased from the company website but do not normally come as part of the kits.  The kits as well as all of the related accessories can be purchased from the Millennium RC website as well as the company's network of online and local hobby shops around the US, Australia, and Netherlands.