Nano Brushless Kits: Astroid Design Can't Keep'em in Stock

Published: November 16, 2012
Astroid Designs can't keep their Nano CPX Brushless kits, either Mild or Wild, in stock for more than a few hours before selling out.


Astroid Designs earlier this week sold out of their Blade Nano Brushless Mild kits in just a few hours. If you happen to be on their waiting list (like we are), their new Mild Brushless Nano CPX conversion kits have hardly been in stock for more than a hand full of hours total before getting snapped up by the market -- for the second time now.

At the moment the demand for any Nano Brushless parts or conversion kits is running extremely high among Blade Nano owners and Astroid Designs is the only company (as of now) that sells them.

The team at Astroid offer two kits that are do-it-yourself (some soldering required), although there are a few guys on the forum who are offering to help out their fellow Nano-freaks by doing the installation for them. The two kits as of now are a Mild Kit (13,500 kV motor) and a Wild Kit (16,600 kV motor) ... both of which are on back order.

If you are interested in learning more or are currently attempting to be one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the next batch that sells out in two hours, here are a couple of resources that might help you snag one.

To be notified of new product stock arrivals, click on either the mild or wild kit pic on that page and the link to be added to the list is in the upper left portion of the page.