Nano CP X Canopy Options

Published: September 27, 2012
Aftermarket canopies for Blades new Nano CP X. These canopies from other manufacturers fit the Nano CP X.


In an interesting thread on Helifreak started this week, the user "Daryoon" has discovered that the aftermarket canopy choices for Blades new Nano CP X already has a nice start. The new nano heli shares a near identical size and shape as the WL Toys V911, the Nine Eagles Solo Pro, and the Walkera MiniCP. In most cases the fit of the new canopy requires only the addition of a second set of lower canopy mounting holes with the top holes lining up perfectly.

Check out the Helifreak thread for more info or the user's personal blog ( (for some good photos).

Here are the alternate canopies: