Nano CPX: 2-for-1 Canopies

Published: October 12, 2012
Buying a stock canopy for your new nCPx (Blade Nano) gives you not one but two canopies for your bird. The packaging can also be used to build a second (FREE) canopy.


The market, as it always does in the RC hobby world, is finding innovative ways to save a buck on replacement canopies for their Blade Nano CPX's. In the past week there have been two Helifreak threads where nCPx owners have discovered that when they purchase a new canopy from Blade (either the yellow one or the blue one) the part comes packaged in a clear plastic protective shell that is slightly larger and slightly heavier than the stock canopy.

The cool thing ... with a little cutting and shaping, the second canopy can be painted any color desired creating a canvas for the artists within!

Pics from the HF thread are above. Send us copies of your artwork and we'll post them here.