Nano CPX Fusuno Landing Gear Upgrade

Published: January 23, 2013
Fusuno has been hard at work developing their stock of Blade Nano CPX parts. Check out their new Carbon and Aluminum landing Skid Set.


This is some great news from Team Fusuno that just came out this week. The team has been hard a work recently releasing a whole line-up of main blades for the Blade Nano CPX helicopter. The newest news, though, is that they have begun to branch out into the development of carbon/aluminum parts for the tiny little heli.

With Fusuno's experience in developing carbon fiber replacement parts for many, many other brands in the RC heli marketplace, this is likely going to be a good fit for them.

The Fusuno Nano CPX landing skids have an aluminum attachment structure at it's core; so, the battery mount, the landing-gear-to-main-frame pins, and the landing skids themselves attach to these aluminum components. The skids, themselves are made from Fusuno's own 0.6mm thick carbon fiber.

The part number on the new landing skids is FUF-440CF, the price is $14.50, and they are available immediately from the Fusuno website.

Let's hope that the release of these Nano CPX landing skids by Fusuno is an indication of more upgrade parts to come from the company.