Nano CPX Fusuno Main Blade Upgrades

Published: January 23, 2013
Fusuno has been hard at work developing their stock of Blade Nano CPX parts. Check out the blades they've come up with.


The Fusuno team has thrown their team hat in the ring of the Blade Nano CPX upgrade parts, a market that has been highly competitive since the little helicopter was released late in 2012.

The Fusuno contingent of parts initially was based on the company's plastic expertise, centering on main blade and tail blade options. Their current offering as of January 2013 is eight color options of the same basic blade design. The three real selling points for the Fusuno main blades are:

1) A great price - $5.99 (less expensive than stock)
2) Color variations (more color options than stock)
3) Greater strength/resilience than stock blades

The final point may be a bit subjective since, due to the light weight of the Blade Nano CPX, even the stock main blades will live on through quite a lot of crashes. Nevertheless, the colors and the price alone make them worth a shot.